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War Dead Poets

The background audio message you are hearing is Wilfred Owen's preface to his last book of poetry, completed before he was killed in France in 1918.  Please help honor Owen and his fellow poets who died in France by listening to his 63 second introduction, which might well have been written for this page.  
Dona eis Requiem / In pacem aeterna pacem.  

For war poetry of the First World War (and information about its poets), plus poetry about, Iraq, Falklands, Sierra Leone and Vietnam go to: www.warpoetry.co.uk

Click HERE for British resources on the subject of this page (www.tellmeabout.co.uk)

The British War Poets (WWI): [Note]

Rupert  Brooke died from blood poisoning from an infected insect bite, 1915.

"A young Apollo, golden-haired,
Stands dreaming on the verge of strife,
Magnificently unprepared
For the long littleness of life."
             - quatrain by Frances Cornford [listen]

These lines were for Brooke, called by W. B. Yeats
"The most handsome man in England."

Read Sir Winston Churchill's obituary (text)
Audio recording by Walter Rufus Eagles [2:21]
The War Sonnets:

Other Poems:




Alan Seeger  [American, KIA 1916, France before America entered the war] [note]
  • Rendezvous [1:25] "I have a rendezvous with death"

William Noel ('W. N.') Hodgson ['Edward Melbourne'] died in service 1916.


Isaac Rosenberg killed in close combat in France on April 1, 1918 [note]

On right, self-portrait in pastel by Rosenberg.  He had hoped to earn his living in portraiture after the war.

Edward Thomas killed in action in France,  1917, soon after arrival there.


Wilfred Owen was machine-gunned to death in 1918.




Dr. John McCrae died in service 1918. (Canadian physician)


Charles Hamilton Sorley [1895-1915] Killed in action in France.


Siegfried Sassoon survived.  All the poets above died in service.  [back to Wilfred Owen]

May Herschel-Clarke [18??-19??]
[no picture]

Sonnet: The Mother [0:58] (written after she had read Rupert Brooke's sonnet, "The Soldier") [0:53] [return to Rupert Brooke]

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